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How voluntary organisations in criminal justice can show their impact

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I think the government or any governing body in the sector have no idea of the need and power of charities and their reliance on volunteers especially who have lived experience. I work closely with a mental health hospital, as a volunteer with 20 years experience of Dual Diagnosis and as every volunteer I am always looking for any other charity I could give help to. I had the privilege to work with the prison reform trust to make a film clip which is now online on my views of the CJS. The government as we all know promise money time and time again to help with the massive problem this country has with mental health. 70% of prisoners suffer from mental health, like myself and are put behind bars instead of having therapy, helping them with their illness. I was only in prison for 4 weeks and that was for stealing alcohol to fuel my illness, Dual Diagnosis. Without charities and people like myself, the government would ground to a halt with a sudden demand on their resources of money and people to work to help others.

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