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Speeches & presentations

Clinks staff regularly speak at conferences and events on key issues in the Criminal Justice System. We use our expertise and that of our members to represent the sector.

[Check against delivery: these are the prepared texts of the speech, and may differ from the delivered version.]

HMPPS Innovative Grant Funding Programme 2018-20: Enabling the voluntary sector to contribute to better outcomes for offenders in Public Sector Prisons, the National Probation Service and Youth Custody Service

HM Prisons and Probation Service (HMPPS) have launched the Innovation grant funding programme for 2018-2020. The programme aims to enable the voluntary sector to contribute to better outcomes for people in Public Sector Prisons, the National Probation Service and Youth Custody Services.

All documents and further information on the grant and how to submit proposals can be found here. Suppliers will need to register. 

Below are slides from the introduction event:

What if there was no voluntary sector? [Clive Martin, November 2015]

Clive Martin's speech at our 'Just and affordable rehabilitation: what does good look like?' conference

Joined up Justice [Julian Corner, July 2014]

Clinks trustee Julian Corner's speach at our Joined up Justice conference

What is the nature of the opportunity that Transforming Rehabilitation represents? [Julian Corner, January 2014]

Clinks trustee Julian Corner addresses our 15th AGM.

Inclusive partnerships in the Criminal Justice System [Lesley Frazer, April 2010]
This presentation looks at some of the barriers to effective local partnerships, and how we feel these could be overcome.
Event: Dorset County Local Delivery Unit Launch conference

The value of the Voluntary and Community Sector [Clive Martin, March 2010]
In this presentation Clive promotes the value of the Voluntary and Community Sector in supporting offender rehabilitation. He assess the issues of offender resettlement and evidences why our Sector is best placed to support this.
Event: Community Boats Association National Conference

Achieving a rehabilitation revolution [Alan Duncan, January 2010]
This speech was made by Alan  Duncan, at the time Shadow Minister for Prisons & Probation, to set out the Conservative party's vision of a Criminal Justice System that focussed on rehabilitation.
Event: Clinks AGM 2010

Reform through Voluntary and Community Sector partnerships [Clive Martin, January 2010]
Clive gave this speech to a mixed audience in Northern Ireland. It looks at the need for reform and partnership, some of the tools used to achieve partnerships, the results so far, some of the dangers and a look into what the future holds.
Event: NIACRO conference, Belfast

Who are the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS)? [Richard Nicholls & Joe Gardham, November 2009]
This presentation assumes little to no knowledge of the VCS, and introduces how the VCS contributes to our CJS, how it is funded, and how infrastructure organisations fit into it.
Event: HMP Askham Grange hosting Middle Eastern CJS leaders

The Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) in England and Wales [Clive Martin, September 2009]
In this presentation, Clive gives an overview of the role of Clinks and the VCS in the England and Wales Criminal Justice System. The presentation looks at what the VCS do, how they operate and are funded, the politics and competition, and commissioning & procurement.
Event: EU CJS conference, Berlin

Five years of NOMS [Clive Martin, June 2009]
In this speech, Clive reflects on five years of NOMS; where we, in the sector, have been left after the advent of NOMS, and what we might want to devote our attention to in the future.
Event: Mercer / Association of Charitable Foundations conference

Valuing the VCS [Clive Martin, February 2009]
Here Clive talks about the role of the VCS in the Criminal Justice System, and suggests how NOMS can get the best from us through working in partnership. The audience included commissioning managers and influencial decision-makers.
Event: NOMS Agency conference

Introducing Clinks [Richard Nicholls, October 2008]
Richard introduces the role of Clinks to a Yorkshire and Humberside audience. In particular, he talks about our recent award of infrastructure funding and how we will use it to meet the needs of the Sector.
Event: NOMS Yorkshire & The Humber VCS Open Forum, Sheffield

VCS & private prisons: potential for partnership? A Voluntary & Community Sector perspective [Clive Martin, September 2008]
This speech looks at the new and unfamiliar partnership between the voluntary, public and private sectors. It explores the importance of the relationship in the context of offending; how it will work for the benefit of offenders; and what could help ensure the future is one we are all proud of.
Event: Clinks VCS & Private Prisons: Potential for Partnership

The keyworker – monitor or mentor? [Martin Sollars, February 2008]
This speech explores how a keyworker can work, and how, for many VCS organisations, there might be a real conflict in trying to be a keyworker in the Offender Management Model.
Event: The Human Face of Offender Management: Research, Policy and Practice