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About Clinks

Clinks vision is of a vibrant, independent and resilient voluntary sector that enables people to transform their lives. We support, represent and advocate for the voluntary sector in criminal justice, enabling it to provide the best possible opportunities for individuals and their families.

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National Work

Most of Clinks' work is national, though it draws on evidence gathered at regional and local levels. It includes campaigning, influencing policy and practice, and promoting opportunities for the voluntary sector to develop or expand their work.

Regional and Local Work

Our local development work aims to improve opportunities available to the voluntary sector working in that area. This helps ensure we are informed about what is happening on the ground, which in turn allows us to better represent our members at a national level. We work with Local Infrastructure Organisations (LIOs), including Volunteer Centres and Councils for Voluntary Services.


Our many services are designed to further our strategic aims:

Coalitions & Partnerships

To help us meet our strategic objectives, we often work in partnership with other organisations whose expertise supports and enhances our own work.

Our core grant funding from the Ministry of Justice sees us working in partnership with Action for Prisoners Families, Wales Council for Voluntary Action, Arts Alliance, BTEG and Women's Breakout. FInd out more about this partnership here

Other examples of us working in partnership include the Making Every Adult Matter Coalition, where we teamed up with Mind, HomelessLink and DrugScope to highlight the plight of individuals with multiple and complex needs.

We also work closely with specialist organisations such as Black Training & Enterprise Group [BTEG], Race on the Agenda (ROTA) and Voice 4 Change England to highlight and address the disproportionate representation of BAME people in the CJS.

We have run joint workshops with Acevo and Candour Collaborations to support organisations engaging in Transforming Rehabilitation, and are part of the Transitions to Adulthood Alliance, finding ways to support young adults through the criminal justice system.