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Under represented, Under pressure, Under resourced

Under represented, Under pressure, Under resourced: the voluntary sector’s role in Transforming Rehabilitation

Under represented, Under pressure, Under resourced is the third and final report in a series looking at the voluntary sector's role in Transforming Rehabilitation (you can also read the first report and second report). Clinks surveyed 132 voluntary sector organisations between February and April 2017 and gathered six in depth case studies. The survey results were analysed by the Third Sector Research Centre and by using the same questions posed in our 2015 survey we have been able to record changes over time.

As a result Clinks has identified seven key findings and made 11 recommendations that we believe can make a difference, and help us to understand what the next generation of probation services could look like.

Since 2015, in response to feedback from our members and other voluntary sector organisations, Clinks has led the tracktr partnership to undertake in-depth research into the voluntary sector’s experience of the changes to probation services brought about by the Transforming Rehabilitation reforms. We have assessed the impact the reforms have had on organisations, the services they deliver, and the people they support; and will use the findings to advocate on behalf of the voluntary sector to government and to probation services run by the National Probation Service (NPS) and Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs).

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(Published: May 2018)

TrackTR Key findings