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Police and Crime Commissioners Generation 2.0: Engaging with police and crime commissioners

This briefing for voluntary sector organisations that work with offenders and their families provides an overview of what Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) are responsible for and why they are important for you to engage with. It contains practical tips to help you engage with PCCs.

Police and Crime Commissioners have a broad responsibility for holding the police to account, setting the police budget and determining and meeting the priorities for policing and crime reduction in the local area. With increasing regional devolution and integration of criminal justice services, PCCs’ powers may increase in the future to include more involvement with fire and rescue authorities, and youth justice services. They are accountable to Police and Crime Panels which include councillors and/or the elected mayor, and independent members.

The briefing outlines:

  • What PCCs do
  • What local structures PCCs engage with
  • What to think about before engaging with your PCC
  • Options for engaging with your PCC
  • Demonstrating your impact to your PCC
  • Campaigning rules and the pre-election period

Download the briefing here

PUBLISHED: April 2016