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Here you will find answers to the most common questions Clinks staff face.

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About Clinks

What does Clinks do?
Clinks supports the Voluntary and Community Sector working with offenders in England and Wales. Our aim is to ensure the Sector and all those with whom it works, are informed and engaged in order to transform the lives of offenders and their communities. You can find out more about our work here.

What is 'infrastructure'?
An infrastructure organisation (sometimes referred to as umbrella body or second tier) exists to support a group of organisations. Some work with the whole of the Voluntary and Community Sector, and some, like Clinks, specialise in one area. Most infrastructure organisations represent, support and promote the work and interests of their organisations. They act as a point of contact for information and allow agencies such as Government to communicate with the Sector efficiently and effectively. You will find examples of infrastructure organisations here, and identify your local infrastructure organisation here.

How can I advertise my organisation's news through Clinks?
By becoming a member you will receive exclusive benefits, including featuring your relevant news in our ebulletins. Our network consists of over 9,000 people working in criminal justice, so this provides a great opportunity to promote your organisation. Become a member

What are your working hours?
Clinks staff are available Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm. We are a small organisation, and we may not always be available to take your call, but we aim to respond to your messages promptly. Clinks London Office phones are always staffed within our working hours. More at Contact Us


About Clinks membership

Am I a member of Clinks?
Check to see if you are a member of Clinks here

Do I qualify for membership?
Are you a non-profit organisation that supports the aims of Clinks? If so, you qualify for membership. If not, you may be eligible to become an Associate and receive additional benefits. Find out more here

How much does membership cost?
Yearly subscription fees vary dependant on the size of your organisation and the sector you work in. We offer free membership to non-profit organisations with no paid staff. Check here


About Clinks staff

How can I book a member of staff to speak at our event?
Due to the limited resources of Clinks, it is not always possible for us to attend and speak at all the Sector's events. If you have an event you'd like us to attend and/or speak at, please ensure your invite is sent in plenty of time. For staff diaries and requests, please contact

Who should I contact?
Not sure which member of Clinks staff to contact? View our staff profiles here to pick the member of staff with relevant experience.

Where can I find vacancies at Clinks?
We will always advertise our staff vacancies through our weekly Light Lunch ebulletin, so make sure you don't miss out on any opportunities by subscribing here

Supporting my organisation

We'd like Clinks to support our campaign
If you'd like Clinks to support a campaign you have launched, please contact Ben Watson with details. We'll aim to get back to you promptly, and can supply Clinks branding and literature where appropriate.

How do I set up a charity/social enterprise?
New to the Sector? First of all, read the Clinks guides to the Criminal Justice System and Voluntary and Community Sector, then visit our Organisational support page where you will find generic support for setting up a project or organisation, or find your local infrastructure organisation here.

Where can I find similar organisations / projects?
Find out if other organisations are delivering similar services to yours by searching the Clinks Directory of Offenders Services


Promoting my organisation

Can I place a link to my organisation on your site?
By becoming a Clinks member, you guarantee a link to your website on our site. Join Now

How can I advertise my organisation's news through Clinks?
By becoming a member you have access to lots of exclusive services, including featuring your relevant news in our ebulletins. Our network consists of over 9,000 people working in criminal justice, so this provides a great opportunity to promote your organisation. Become a member


Working in partnership

We would like to work in partnership with Clinks
Clinks encourages collaboration, pooling resources and sharing expertise. To discuss the potential for partnership, please contact Kate Aldous, our Head of Strategic Development, or the staff member leading on that area of work.

Tell me more about the Criminal Justice System

I'm new to the CJS, how does it work?
View the short Clinks guide introducing the VCS to the Criminal Justice System here

Where can I find statistics and figures?
Visit our links page, where you will find the best resources for Criminal Justice System statistics


Tell me more about the Voluntary & Community Sector

I'm new to working with the Voluntary and Community Sector, who are they?
View the short Clinks guide introducing the statutory sector to the Voluntary and Community Sector here


Media Enquiries

I'm calling from a media outlet (newspaper, radio, tv etc.)
Clinks issues press releases on topics it wishes to comment on; you can view and take quotes from them here. If you would like to arrange an interview with a member of staff, please contact Ben Watson.

I'm calling from a Sector publication
We are happy to discuss news and developments within the Voluntary and Community Sector where appropriate. Please see our press releases here. If you would like to arrange an interview or seek further information, please contact Ben Watson with your request.

I'd like to contact offenders/ex-offenders
Clinks does not work with, nor have contact details for offenders or ex offenders. To contact this group we suggest you contact our members, whose websites can be found here

Where can I find criminal justice imagery
Clinks, as an infrastructure organisation, does not store criminal justice specific imagery. We suggest you contact our member organisations or a Sector-specific photographer such as Andrew Aitchinson

I'm calling from a TV production company
Clinks does not promote or partake in television work.

Advertising and Marketing

Who are your contacts?
Clinks has over 9,000 individuals on our mailing list. All of these contacts have an interest in the Voluntary and Community Sector working in the Criminal Justice System. These contacts are split roughly into 4,000 VCS and 5,000 from other sectors, including probation, prison, academics and individuals with an interest in Clinks.

Can we advertise to your contacts?
Yes, via our Ebulletins, providing it is relevant to our area of work. We do not accept payment for promoting to our networks, but we will ask that you offer a selected number of free products to our members in return. This could be free delegate places at your conference, free places on your training course or free copies of your publication. Contact Ben Watson to discuss.

Can you share your contact list?
No. Under no circumstances do we share information with anybody outside of Clinks. If you'd like to contact our mailing list, please do so through the available channels (as detailed above).

We are an events/training company that would like to advertise an event/training across your network
If the event is relevant to the Voluntary and Community Sector and the Criminal Justice System, then we will happily feature your event in our weekly ebulletin, Clinks Light Lunch. This service is free of charge, but in return we ask that you allocate a set number of complimentary places to our member organisations. Contact Joe Gardham to discuss.

We would like to advertise a job vacancy
This is an exclusive members service. Details on membership can be found here.


Support for offenders/ex-offenders

Clinks does not provide support to offenders / ex offenders. In all instances we suggest you contact your Probation Officer initially, and consult our Directory of Offender Services and links page