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TR briefings and resources

List of contacts for the voluntary sector to engage with Community Rehabilitation Companies

A list of CRC contact details. Information provided by the Ministry of Justice.

Clinks' briefing on Transforming Rehabilitation: a strategy for reform

This briefing summarises the MoJs central document underpinning Transforming Rehabilitation.

Clinks' briefing on the Offender Rehabilitation Act

This briefing outlines the key changes to the sentencing and releasing framework enabled by the Offender Rehabilitation Act which accompanies the Transforming Rehabilitation programme.

Clinks briefing on the Invitation to Negotiate stage of the reforms

This briefing summarises the key information contained in an updated version of the Target Operating Model which provides details on how the reforms will be implemented and operate locally and the Payment Mechanism Overview published by the MoJ. It was written as an update to previous to Clinks previously published briefing on the competition stage.

Clinks briefing on the competition stage of the reforms

This briefing gives an overview of the contracting process, outlines how the reforms will affect the delivery of services in prisons and the community and what information we are still waiting for. It covers a number of documents published by the MoJ. These include:

  • A Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) for potential Tier 1 providers
  • Principles of Competition, which outlines the principles that will govern the delivery of the competition within the Transforming Rehabilitation programme, including market stewardship principles.
  • Target Operating Model (TOM) which provides some details on how the reforms will be implemented and operate locally.
  • A summary of evidence on reducing reoffending which assesses the level of evidence for various interventions, and which Clinks expected might be used by Tier 1 organisations when thinking about the kinds of services they would need to include in their bids.

Clinks TR So Far blog series

Our blog series examines specific aspects of the Transforming Rehabilitation agenda:

·         TR So Far (1): The known unknowns

·         TR So Far (2): Will the reforms promote desistance and how will this be measured?

·         TR So Far (3): Does it give a fair deal to the voluntary sector?

·         TR So Far (4): Will it ensure suitable services for equalities groups?

·         TR So Far (5): Will it promote service user involvement and volunteering?

Details of the new CRC owners

If you are considering subcontracting under Transforming Rehabilitation, we advise you to contact the relevant CRC owner for the contract package area in which you wish to deliver services. You can download a list of contacts for the voluntary sector to engage with Community Rehabilitation Companies here.

List of resettlement prisons

This is the full list of 71 male resettlement prisons, in addition all women's prisons will be designated as resettlement prisons.

Legal support resources

Clinks have produced a range of resources for voluntary sector organisations subcontracting under the Transforming Rehabilitation programme.

Interviews with Tier 1 bidders

Read the report of a set of interviews Clinks and NCVO undertook with 4 potential Tier 1 providers in Autumn 2013, discussing their plans for building supply chains and their expectations for working with subcontractors in Transforming Rehabilitation.

Evidence and outcomes resources

Clinks resources on demonstrating impact and effectiveness.

Register on Partnership Finder

Clinks' free online supply chain and consortia directory.  Promote your organisation to Tier 1 bidders, commissioners and voluntary sector partners.