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Criminal Justice

Clinks works to support voluntary organisations working within the Criminal Justice System (CJS) in England and Wales, and to campaign for better criminal justice policy and practice. In this section of the site, you can access a comprehensive set of resources to help you better understand the CJS, including an introductory guide, our 'Do it Justice' resources and regularly updated statistics. You will also find further information about Clinks' work to influence criminal justice policy on behalf of the Voluntary and Community Sector; and about specific aspects of work in criminal justice, including work with women offenders, young adults and the arts.

Briefings - We produce briefings for our members to ensure they stay up to date with the latest relevant policy and legislative developments in the Criminal Justice System. These allow you to digest significant developments quickly and to plan your organisation's response.

Responses - Clinks produces written responses to proposals from policy makers and legislatures on issues which affect the voluntary sector and its service users. The responses represent the voluntary sector's views and concerns collected through consultations and other feed back.

Discussion papers - Our discussion papers identify and unpick issues in order to better inform our members. They are interactive documents aimed at provoking thought and response.

Transforming Rehabilitation - This regularly updated web page has everything you need to know about this government reform programme, including the background, policy implications, and timescales. Here, you can find information for subcontracting organisations and access legal support and advice.

Guide to the Criminal Justice System - Clinks has produced an introductory overview of the Criminal Justice System, aimed at voluntary sector organisations.

Influencing criminal justice policy - Clinks policy work aims to influence decision makers on behalf of the voluntary sector.

Service user involvement - Clinks has produced a number of resources that promote the role of service users in the planning, development and delivery of services across the CJS.

Do It Justice - Clinks’ Do It Justice resources are designed to provide easily accessible information on key aspects of the CJS.

Working with police and probation - This section provides information about Clinks' work with the police and probation services and includes publications and event information.

Working with prisons -  A number of Clinks' members work inside prisons and young offender institutions.

Multiple and complex needs - Information and resources from the Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) coalition which was formed to influence policy and services for adults with multiple needs and exclusions.

Young people and young adults - Clinks is one of the founding members of the Transition to Adulthood (T2A) Alliance, and has produced a variety of publications to support organisations working with young people.

Women offenders - Clinks seeks to highlight the specific and often neglected needs of female offenders, and to provide support to the organisations working with them.

Black, Asian, minority ethnic (BAME) - Clinks works alongside other voluntary sector organisations to combat the disproportionate representation of BAME groups within the Criminal Justice System.

Arts in the Criminal Justice System - The Arts Alliance is the national body for the promotion of arts within the criminal justice sector.

Statistics - Clinks has produced an easy to use toolkit to give you access to local statistics and information on crime and reoffending, anti-social behaviour, arrests by ethnicity, victims of crime, substance misuse, violence against women and girls, youth crime and hate crime.

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