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Clinks Report | The state of the sector 2017

The state of the sector 2017

“If the wings aren’t open, we can’t work. If people are locked out, we can’t work. If people are suffering from mental health challenges and can’t get out of their cells, then we can’t work.” - Interviewee

The state of the sector 2017Our State of the sector report launches today, presenting the best information we have on voluntary organisations working in criminal justice and shining a light on what support organisations need to enable them to thrive.

During continued political change, voluntary organisations remain resilient and innovative but the safety net is shrinking and the people our sector supports are finding it harder to access the help they need. Voluntary organisations play an essential role in people’s lives, but the challenges they experience are significant and ignoring them is not an option.

Reflecting on the findings, Clinks' Chief Executive Officer Anne Fox said:

“Voluntary organisations play such a large role in supporting people affected by the criminal justice system that it is almost impossible to imagine what it would be like without them. They help people change their lives. Something that unites all voluntary organisations is their resilience, the passion of staff and volunteers alike, and their adaptability to respond to the challenges they encounter. But we should all be concerned that organisations have told us that the needs of their service users are more complex and immediate. Through all of this the sector remains innovative and creative. In order to truly reform the criminal justice system we must ensure that we have a vibrant and healthy voluntary sector that can deliver change.”

The report looks at the results from a survey of over 200 voluntary organisations working in criminal justice, the financial analysis of 752 charities and 220 companies (social enterprises and community interest companies) and 10 in depth interviews. This year we've worked with NCVO to develop our methodology. You can read three blogs taken from in-depth interviews conducted during the research.

We will be working with key stakeholders to think about how Clinks and others can respond to the findings to ensure the sector can continue their work.

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