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Income generation

Access to funding is a recurring issue for Voluntary and Community Sector organisations. Clinks offers support by providing Members with free access to the GRANTnet funding database, producing helpful resources as part of the Local Grants Forum, and providing regularly updated statistics on crime and reoffending that can be used to demonstrate the needs of local areas.

Access to funding

Clinks members receive free access to GRANTnet, a funding database which enables you to search for funding specific to your area of work. From core costs and building repairs, through to project costs and workforce development, GRANTnet holds over 4,000 UK and EU funding programmes. To apply for Membership and make use of GRANTnet click here.

Local Grants Forum

Clinks is part of the Local Grants Forum, which campaigns for the continued use of grants when this is the appropriate form of funding for Voluntary and Community Organisations. You can access a series of resources that the Local Grants Forum have produced to help influence your local funders and challenge unfair decisions here.

Access to statistics

We have produced an easy-to-use-toolkit to give you access to local statistics and information on crime and reoffending, anti social behaviour, arrests by ethnicity, victims of crime, substance misuse, violence against women and girls, youth crime and hate crime. This toolkit can be used to collect evidence and demonstrate the needs of your local area when applying for funding. Download the toolkit here.


5 Ways to protect grant funding (2012) - Grants are an essential part of a strong voluntary sector. When public bodies cut grant funding or move from grants to contracts they damage local charities and community groups. This leaflet will help you influence your local funders and challenge unfair decisions.