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Reducing Reoffending Third Sector Advisory Group (RR3)

The Reducing Reoffending Third Sector Advisory Group (RR3) exists with the purpose of building a strong and effective partnership between the voluntary sector and the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). The chair for the group and its secretariat is provided by Clinks.

You can read the full Terms of Reference of the RR3 group here

You can find out more information about the members of the RR3 group here

Notes from RR3 meetings

These meeting notes give a summary of discussions at RR3 meetings and details of any actions arising.

RR3 Special Interest Groups

The terms of reference for the RR3 allow for the development of time-limited special interest groups to advise on specific areas of policy and practice as the need arises. 

Special Interest Group on Commissioning Family Services

This special interest group has been convened to offer an opportunity for organisations to work with NOMS on the future commissioning of family services.

Meeting notes:

Special Interest Group on people at risk of suicide and self-harm

This special interest group will look at how to provide effective care and support for people at risk of suicide and self-harm when entering prison, in prison and on release. 

Clinks has released the key findings from this group in February 2017. There are nine key recommendations around caring for those who are vulnerable and at risk.

Read the report here

Meeting notes:

Special interest group on supporting effective mentoring through the gate

This RR3 Special Interest Group will explore how to provide effective mentoring for men and women coming through the gate. We will consider the role and contribution of the voluntary sector in pioneering this approach. We’ll look at the impact of the current commissioning and contracting arrangements and funding on the sector’s ability to deliver effective mentoring. We’ll also look at what is happening to mentoring through the gate, the challenges and barriers to effective delivery and consistent outcomes. Find out more.

Reference groups

Clinks is convening reference group meetings with specialist service delivery organisations to support the RR3 and allow the experiences of specialist organisations to be represented on the group.

Womens' networking forum

The women's networking forum is sponsored and chaired by Sarah Swindley, RR3 member and Chief Executive of Lancashire Women’s Centres, who feeds back key issues raised to the RR3. Meetings are hosted in partnership with Women’s Breakout, Women’s Resource Centre and Agenda.

Meeting notes:

Please contact Nicola Drinkwater on if you would like any further information.

RR3 Task and Finish Groups

The RR3 group occasionally convenes time-limited Task and Finish Groups (TFGs). TFG members are recruited for their experience and expertise in the particular topic to be explored.  They do not have to be members of RR3, although RR3 members often volunteer themselves or a representative from their organisation. You can find out more about RR3 Task and Finish Groups here


RR3 - Prison reform and the voluntary sector (July 2016)
The RR3 was asked in February 2016 by the Minister for Prisons and Probation, Andrew Selous, to provide information on how the voluntary sector can be engaged in the government’s programme of prison reform and contribute to reducing re-offending. In this paper, the RR3 sets out key issues and ideas that we believe will support the voluntary sector’s engagement with the prison reform programme.