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Transforming Rehabilitation – Clinks response to the Ministry of Justice's statement

9th May 2013

Clinks welcomes the Ministry of Justice proposal to widen support to include those with short sentences, the recognition of the expertise and value of the Voluntary and Community Sector, and the aim to provide continuous and consistent support through the gate. Additionally, the possibility of creating continual and individualised through the gate support that will help offenders turn their lives around has great potential.

In the coming months, as the details are developed, the Sector will need to ensure that it has a fair share of resources needed to play its role in the reduction in re-offending rates. It will need to ensure that its independence and values are not compromised, and that it can continue to work flexibly to respond to changing need. These are challenging aims to be achieved with less money. The Sector and its supporters need to ensure that resources are targeted to where they are most needed and reach the people for whom they are intended and change lives, rather than disappear into new administrative arrangements.

“If we are going to persuade people to turn their lives around we have to be on our guard to ensure that the value of our services is recognised and properly recompensed. Currently two thirds of the Sector delivering contracts say that the payment they receive does not cover their costs. It is in no-one's interest that this continues to be the case. The Sector has to ensure that we  are not pushed further down the road of being the poor relation of the Criminal Justice System,” says Clinks Director, Clive Martin.

Clinks will continue to make the case for the valuable role the Sector can play in transforming rehabilitation, and the importance of structures which enable this.